GlobalIndices 27‐Aug Prev_Day Abs.Change
Russell3000 1,272 1,276 ‐4 ‐0.28
Nasdaq 7,827 7,854 ‐27 ‐0.34
FTSE 7,090 7,095 ‐5 ‐0.08
Nikkei 20,456 20,261 195 0.96
HangSeng 25,664 25,680 ‐16 ‐0.06
IndianIndices 27‐Aug Prev_Day Abs.Change
S&PBSESensex 37,641 37,494 147 0.39
Nifty50 11,105 11,058 48 0.43
Nifty100 11,214 11,153 61 0.55
Nifty500 9,022 8,965 58 0.64
NiftyBank 28,126 27,951 175 0.63
S&PBSEPower 1,921 1,890 31 1.64
S&PBSESmallCap 12,589 12,387 202 1.63
S&PBSEHC 12,561 12,549 12 0.10
Date P/E Div.Yield P/E Div.Yield
27‐Aug 26.39 1.23 27.47 1.33
MonthAgo 27.10 1.22 27.73 1.32
YearAgo 25.07 1.14 28.72 1.15
Company 27‐Aug Prev_Day
TataMotors 120 111 8.86
BritanniaIndustriesLimited 2686 2534 6.00
AGCNetworksLimited 127 120 5.15
Nifty50Top3Losers DomesticNews
Company 27‐Aug Prev_Day
BhartiAirtel 348 361 ‐3.42
Infosys 785 803 ‐2.23
TechMahindra 676 691 ‐2.14
Advances 1672 1297
Declines 859 516
Unchanged 158 119
Description(Cr) YTD
FIIFlows* 51588
MFFlows** 39206
YoY(%) Current YearAgo
Sensex Nifty
The Reserve Bank of India said after its board meeting that it will
transfer Rs. 1.76 lakh crore to the government this fiscal. The transfer
includes Rs. 1.23 lakh crore of surplus for 2018‐19 and Rs. 52,637 crore of
excess provisions identified as per the revised Economic Capital
Framework (ECF) adopted at the meeting. The higher surplus is due to the
long‐term forex swaps and the open market operations (OMO) conducted
by the central bank over the last fiscal. The surplus transfer was finalized
in tune with the recommendations of the committee under a former
central bank governor. RBI’s central board accepted all the
recommendations of the committee. The government is getting
additional amount of Rs. 86,000 crore above its budgeted Rs. 90,000
The government has started the process of disinvesting its stake to
below 51% in state‐run companies. It has identified nearly 12 firms for
implementing the Budget announcement. The department of public
investment and asset management is in the process of floating a
discussion paper to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the
move, media reports showed. This fiscal’s target from asset sales is
estimated at Rs. 1.05 lakh crore. The companies identified in a
preliminary list include the ones in which the government’s holding
ranges from about 50% to 60%.
A Reserve Bank of India (RBI) survey report showed business sentiment
in India has deteriorated in the second quarter with industrialists
expecting their businesses to perform weaker in the quarter amid fears of
an economic slowdown. In a response from 1,231 companies, growth in
production, order and capacity utilisation is expected to substantially
come down in Q2FY20, the RBI industrial outlook survey of the
manufacturing sector said.
A major global media house has said the Indian economy could have
expanded at its slowest pace in more than five years in the Apr‐Jun 2019
quarter. This happened as investment growth weakened and demand
went sluggish.
Indian equity markets gained for the third consecutive session as fiscal
deficit worries eased after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to
transfer Rs. 1.76 lakh crore to the government. After the
recommendations of a committee, RBI increased its budgeted Rs. 90,000
crore transfer to the government by another Rs. 86,000 crore for the
year. Investors cheered the central banks’ move as the amount could be
used by the government to meet the expected shortfall in revenue
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 0.39% and
0.43% to close at 37,641.27 and 11,105.35 respectively. S&P BSE MidCap
and S&P BSE SmallCap gained 0.53% and 1.63% respectively.
The overall market breadth on BSE was strong with 1,672 scrips
advancing and 859 scrips declining. A total of 158 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Metal was the major gainer, up
2.04%, followed by S&P BSE Auto, up 1.89%, and S&P BSE Industrials, up
1.88%. S&P BSE Telecom was the major loser, down 2.26%, followed by
S&P BSE Teck, down 1.66%, and S&P BSE IT, down 1.52%.
Asian equity markets were mostly higher as the U.S. President spoke of
the possibility of a trade deal with China. He said he believes Beijing’s
efforts to reach a deal are sincere. Today (as of Aug 28), Asian markets
opened higher as investors kept their eyes on the yield curve. Both Nikkei
and Hang Seng were trading up 0.09% and 0.04%, respectively (as at
8.a.m. IST).
European markets were mostly up as China announced it could relax
and remove restrictions on auto purchases in order to boost
U.S. markets lost after bond yields once again moved south, leading to
inversion. Investors see this as a sign of an impending recession as it has
preceded previous recessionary periods. Trade war worries also kept the
market under pressure.
FIIDerivativeTradeStatistics 27‐Aug
(RsCr) Buy Sell OpenInt.
IndexFutures 11733.74 11111.96 23503.09
IndexOptions 314010.16 311948.47 63571.69
StockFutures 31484.95 30742.02 95320.53
StockOptions 8307.69 8227.23 5498.06
Total 365536.54 362029.68 187893.37
27‐Aug Prev_Day Change
PutCallRatio(OI) 1.23 1.21 0.03
PutCallRatio(Vol) 0.92 0.84 0.08
27‐Aug Wk.Ago Mth.Ago YearAgo
CallRate 5.35% 5.28% 5.56% 6.34%
T‐Repo 5.21% 5.22% 5.58% NA
Repo 5.40% 5.40% 5.75% 6.50%
ReverseRepo 5.15% 5.15% 5.50% 6.25%
91DayT‐Bill 5.42% 5.40% 5.66% 6.77%
364DayT‐Bill 5.60% 5.71% 5.90% 7.28%
10YearGilt 6.53% 6.59% 6.53% 7.89%
G‐SecVol.(Rs.Cr) 68807 54572 44495 23721
FBILMIBOR* 5.45% 5.40% 5.75% 6.55%
3MonthCPRate 5.90% 5.98% 6.35% 7.80%
5YearCorpBond 7.69% 7.77% 7.81% 8.68%
1MonthCDRate 5.33% 5.50% 5.76% 6.69%
3MonthCDRate 5.70% 5.66% 6.30% 7.23%
1YearCDRate 6.45% 6.71% 6.95% 7.99%
Currency 27‐Aug Prev_Day Change
USD/INR 71.82 72.18 0.36
GBP/INR 87.75 88.60 ‐0.85
EURO/INR 79.74 80.47 0.73
JPY/INR 0.68 0.69 ‐0.01
Commodity 27‐Aug WkAgo Mth.Ago YearAgo
NYMEXCrude($/bl) 54.94 56.13 56.03 69.62
BrentCrude($/bl) 58.53 59.32 62.30 73.60
Gold($/oz) 1542 1507 1418 1211
Gold(Rs./10gm) 38404 37688 34781 29869
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Bond yields rose as investors resorted to profit booking amid rumours
that a fiscal stimulus package may increase market borrowing.
Yield on the 10‐year benchmark paper (7.26% GS 2029) rose 5 bps to
6.53% compared with the previous close of 6.48% after trading in a
range of 6.35% to 6.54%.
Banks borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 3,854 crore (gross) on Aug 27, 2019 compared
with borrowings of Rs. 4,354 crore (gross) on Aug 26, 2019. Sale of
securities under Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood
at Rs. 20,296 crore on Aug 26, 2019.
Banks borrowed Rs. 55 crore under the central bank’s Marginal
Standing Facility on Aug 26, 2019 compared with borrowings of Rs. 2,250
crore on Aug 26, 2019.
A Conference Board report showed consumer confidence in the U.S.
slightly deteriorated in Aug 2019. The consumer confidence index edged
down to 135.1 in Aug after surging up to 135.8 in Jul 2019.
Detailed results from Destatis showed Germany's economy contracted
as initially estimated in the second quarter ended Jun 2019 by 0.1% QoQ,
reversing the first quarter's 0.4% expansion, due to weak foreign
demand. There are signs that the shrinking continued into the third
quarter, pushing the biggest euro area economy to the verge of
Nifty Aug 2019 Futures stood at 11,103.90, a discount of 1.45 points
below the spot closing of 11,105.35. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment fell to Rs.12,57,676.17 on August 27, 2019, compared
with Rs.15,13,497.60 crore on August 26, 2019.
The Put‐Call ratio stood at 0.87 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.81.
The Nifty Put‐Call ratio stood at 1.23 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.21.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 22.61 million, compared with
the previous session’s close of 22.49 million.
The Indian rose against the greenback following gains in the domesti
equity market as investors remained optimistic that the ongoing trade
war between U.S. and China may soon be resolved. The rupee closed at
71.48 per dollar, up 0.75% compared with the previous close 72.02.
The euro weakened against the greenback as concerns of a worldwide
recession and global economic slowdown weighed on the market
sentiment. The euro closed at 1.1090, down 0.09% compared with the
previous close of 1.1100.
Gold prices edged higher amid uncertainty over the fate of U.S.‐China
trade war and concerns over the global economy.
Brent Crude prices slipped compared with its previous trading close as
concerns over the demand outlook amid the ongoing U.S.‐ China trade
war dented market sentiments.
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your time.