GlobalIndices 12‐Feb Prev_Day Abs.Change
DowJones 25,426 25,053 373 1.49
Nasdaq 7,415 7,308 107 1.46
FTSE 7,133 7,129 4 0.06
Nikkei 20,864 20,333 531 2.61
HangSeng 28,171 28,144 27 0.10
IndianIndices 12‐Feb Prev_Day Abs.Change
S&PBSESensex 36,154 36,395 ‐241 ‐0.66
Nifty50 10,831 10,889 ‐57 ‐0.53
Nifty100 10,971 11,030 ‐59 ‐0.53
NiftyBank 27,011 27,228 ‐217 ‐0.80
SGXNifty 10,879 10,921 42 ‐0.38
S&PBSEPower 1,771 1,773 ‐1 ‐0.08
S&PBSESmallCap 13,392 13,450 ‐58 ‐0.43
S&PBSEHC 13,761 13,720 41 0.30
Date P/E Div.Yield P/E Div.Yield
12‐Feb 23.39 1.16 26.84 1.25
MonthAgo 23.57 1.16 26.00 1.25
YearAgo 24.15 1.15 25.48 1.07
Company 12‐Feb Prev_Day
ZeeEnte. 415 402 3.24
NTPC 133 130 2.22
CoalIndia 223 219 1.94
Nifty50Top3Losers DomesticNews
Company 12‐Feb Prev_Day
BhartiInfratel 313 324 ‐3.29
HeroMoto 2800 2889 3.10
HDFCLtd. 1905 1948 2.21
Advances 1023 717
Declines 1516 1077
Unchanged 131 106
Description(Cr) YTD
FIIFlows* 1419
MFFlows** 6536
YoY(%) Current YearAgo
Sensex Nifty
Indian equity markets ended in the red for the fourth day as investors
stayed on the sidelines before the release of key economic data,
scheduled in after market hours. Retail inflation and industrial output
data was scheduled to be released. Strong global cues helped restrict the
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 lost 0.66% and
0.53%, respectively, to close at 36,153.62 and 10,831.40, respectively.
S&P BSE Mid‐Cap and S&P BSE Small Cap lost 0.06% and 0.43%,
The overall market breadth on BSE was weak with 1023 scrips
advancing and 1516 scrips declining. A total of 132 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Metal was the major gainer, up
1.65%, followed by S&P BSE Healthcare, up 0.2%. S&P BSE Energy and
S&P BSE Basic Materials gained 0.29% and 0.28%, respectively. S&P BSE
Telecom was the major loser, down 1.69%, followed by S&P BSE Realty
and S&P BSE Information Technology, down 1.29% and 0.94%,
Government data showed that India’s retail inflation declined to 2.05%
in Jan 2019 from 2.19% in the previous month and 5.07% in the same
month of the previous year. This is the lowest reading since Jun 2017.
Fuel and light category fell to 2.2% in Jan from 4.54% in Dec 2018. The
drop came as food prices continued to decline with the consumer food
price index contracting 2.17% in Jan 2019 compared with a contraction of
2.65% in the previous month but an expansion of 4.70% in the same
month of the previous year.
The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) rose to 2.4% in Dec 2018 as
against a growth of 0.5% in the previous month and 7.3% in the same
period of the previous year. For the period from Apr to Dec of 2018, IIP
grew 4.6% as against an increase of 3.7% in the same period of the
previous year. On the sectoral front, the manufacturing sector increased
4.7% in Dec 2018 compared with growth of 2.7% in the same month of
the previous year.
Start‐ups could get exemption from angel tax once they are certified by
the Commerce and Industry Ministry. The government is considering this
to help budding entrepreneurs, media reports said. Many start‐ups have
claimed to receive angel tax notices that has impacted their businesses.
They have raised concerns on notices sent to them under the Section 56
of Income Tax Act to pay taxes on angel funds received by them. Officials
of the department for promotion of industry and internal trade and
Central Board of Direct Taxes are holding many meetings to address the
angel tax issue, the reports said.
The Lok Sabha passed the Interim Budget even though key Opposition
parties walked out alleging that the government had moved away from
established conventions by rolling out several incentives to attract voters
ahead of the general elections. Replying to the debate on the Budget, the
finance minister said the government has introduced steps over the past
four‐and‐a‐half years for the poor, farmers and middle class and the
interim Budget was a logical continuation of those efforts.
Asian equity markets mostly went up after U.S.‐China trade talks
started in Beijing. Also, U.S. back home cracked an agreement in principle
to fund the government and avoid another shutdown ahead of a
midnight deadline on Feb 15, 2019. Chinese markets extended gains for
the fourth consecutive session after Beijing promised policy support for
the healthcare sector. Today (as of Feb 13), Asian markets opened on a
higher note amid positive sentiment on the U.S.‐China trade front. Both
Nikkei and Hang Seng were trading higher 1.45% and 0.13%, respectively
(as at 8 a.m. IST).
As per the last close, European markets rose as market participants
bought stocks across several sectors amid optimism over U.S.‐China trade
discussions and easing fears about another U.S. government shutdown.
tentative agreement on border security, which led to optimism that
lawmakers will manage to avoid another U.S. government shutdown.
Improved prospects for a U.S.‐China trade deal, added to the gains.
FIIDerivativeTradeStatistics 12‐Feb
(RsCr) Buy Sell OpenInt.
IndexFutures 2564.07 2289.54 29192.17
IndexOptions 70662.57 69318.25 61136.45
StockFutures 11014.68 11566.60 88279.69
StockOptions 8360.15 8309.23 8409.73
Total 92601.47 91483.62 187018.04
12‐Feb Prev_Day Change
PutCallRatio(OI) 1.35 1.47 ‐0.12
PutCallRatio(Vol) 0.88 0.86 0.02
12‐Feb Wk.Ago Mth.Ago YearAgo
CallRate 6.27% 6.34% 6.35% 6.00%
T‐Repo 6.28% 6.30% 6.38% ‐‐
Repo 6.25% 6.50% 6.50% 6.00%
ReverseRepo 6.00% 6.25% 6.25% 5.75%
91DayT‐Bill 6.38% 6.65% 6.60% 6.35%
364DayT‐Bill 6.60% 6.74% 6.85% 6.54%
10YearGilt 7.53% 7.61% 7.50% 7.50%
G‐SecVol.(Rs.Cr) 20378 31357 38698 33836
FBILMIBOR* 6.45% 6.49% 6.50% 6.00%
3MonthCPRate 7.45% 7.65% 7.70% 7.78%
5YearCorpBond 8.46% 8.52% 8.38% 8.07%
1MonthCDRate 6.41% 6.62% 6.71% 6.26%
3MonthCDRate 7.19% 7.24% 7.48% 7.23%
1YearCDRate 7.94% 8.00% 7.90% 7.50%
Currency 12‐Feb Prev_Day Change
USD/INR 70.94 71.16 ‐0.23
GBP/INR 91.26 92.02 ‐0.76
EURO/INR 80.03 80.59 0.56
JPY/INR 0.64 0.65 ‐0.01
Commodity 12‐Feb WkAgo Mth.Ago YearAgo
NYMEXCrude($/bl) 53.09 53.64 51.39 59.39
BrentCrude($/bl) 62.97 61.76 58.88 62.14
Gold($/oz) 1311 1315 1288 1323
Gold(Rs./10gm) 32891 33239 32117 30063
Source:ThomsonReutersEikon *Ason11‐02‐19
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Nifty Feb 2019 Futures were at 10,860.45, a premium of 29.05 points,
over the spot closing of 10,831.40. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment increased to Rs. 6,83,890.96 crore on Feb 12, 2019,
compared with Rs. 5,46,033.37 crore on Feb 11, 2019.
The Put‐Call ratio stood at 0.91 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.92.
The Nifty Put‐Call ratio stood at 1.35 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.47.
India VIX decreased 1.07% to 15.6700 compared with 15.8400 at the
previous trading session.
Bond yields remained unchanged as market participants are awaiting
the retail inflation data for Jan 2019 to take further cues.
Yield on the 10‐year benchmark paper (7.17% GS 2028) remained
unchanged at 7.53% as compared with the previous session after trading
in the range of 7.51% to 7.54%.
Banks’ borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 6,496 crore (gross) on Feb 12, 2019, compared
with Rs. 22,255 crore (gross) as on Feb 11, 2019. Sale of securities under
Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood at Rs. 16,181
crore on Feb 11, 2019.
Banks borrowed Rs. 265 crore under the central bank’s Marginal
Standing Facility on Feb 11, 2019 compared with borrowing of Rs. 301
crore on Feb 8, 2019.
The Indian rupee saw an uptick following dollar sales by banks on
behalf of their custodial clients. In addition, hopes of improving foreign
fund inflows also aided the domestic unit. However, the upside was
limited by weak local equity market, surge in oil prices and rise in dollar.
The euro continued to track losses from the previous session, reeling
under the pressure of weak economic growth forecast given by the
European Commission for eurozone.
Gold prices strengthened against the greenback as market participants
are growing cautious ahead of the outcome of the upcoming U.S.‐China
trade negotiation due later this week.
Brent crude prices saw a steep surge due to the production cut led by
OPEC and its allies.
According to the Bank of Japan, the M2 money stock in Japan increased
2.4% YoY in Jan 2019. It came in at 1,015.1 trillion yen, in line with
expectations and unchanged from the previous month. The M3 money
stock advanced an annual 2.1% to 1,348.4 trillion yen the same as the
figure reported in the year‐ago period. The L money stock was up an
annual 1.9% to 1,794.3 trillion yen, slowing from 2.0% advance in the
previous month.
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