28 Jun 2019
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Global Indices
Global Indices 27-Jun Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
Russell 3000 1,276 1,268 8 0.61
Nasdaq 7,968 7,910 58 0.73
FTSE 7,402 7,416 -14 -0.19
Nikkei 21,338 21,087 252 1.19
Hang Seng 28,621 28,222 399 1.42
Indian Indices 27-Jun Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
S&P BSE Sensex 39,586 39,592 -6 -0.01
Nifty 50 11,842 11,848 -6 -0.05
Nifty 100 11,931 11,929 3 0.02
Nifty 500 9,692 9,683 10 0.10
Nifty Bank 31,270 31,162 107 0.34
S&P BSE Power 2,093 2,095 -2 -0.08
S&P BSE Small Cap 14,249 14,175 75 0.53
S&P BSE HC 12,882 12,870 13 0.10
Date P/E Div. Yield P/E Div. Yield
27-Jun 28.59 1.18 29.07 1.23
Month Ago 29.08 1.19 29.68 1.22
Year Ago 22.39 1.27 25.73 1.24
Nifty 50 Top 3 Gainers
Company 27-Jun Prev_Day
% Change
Tata Motors 166 161 2.95
Indiabulls HFC 627 612 2.48
M&M 658 644 2.24
Nifty 50 Top 3 Losers Domestic News
Company 27-Jun Prev_Day
% Change
Tech Mahindra 702 718 -2.25
Adani Ports & SEZ 407 415 -2.04
United Phos 944 958 -1.56
Advance Decline Ratio
Advances 1397 1062
Declines 1146 737
Unchanged 165 110
Institutional Flows (Equity)
Description (Cr)
FII Flows* 78601
MF Flows** 8741
Jun 2019; **26
Jun 2019
Economic Indicator
YoY(%) Current Year Ago
28 June 2019
Since May-17, MOSPI has revised base year of IIP & WPI from 2004-05 to 2011-12, and for CPI
from 2010 to 2012
Indian Equity Market
Indices Performance
P/E Dividend Yield
Quarter Ago
The U.S. President will meet the Prime Minister on the sidelines of the
G-20 Summit in Japan to be held over the weekend. This would be the
U.S. President’s first meeting with his Indian counterpart after the
latter’s electoral victory. It comes right after the India visit of U.S.
Secretary of State. The meeting assumes significance in the wake of the
strain that has come in bilateral relationship over trade and economic
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has relaxed its Apr 2018 circular
mandating that all payments data generated in India be stored within the
country. The central bank has now allowed international firms to store
data abroad in cases where the transaction originates in the country but
gets completed overseas, with a proviso that a mirror copy of such
transactions are stored in India. However, for end-to-end domestic
transactions, all storage still needs to be done within the country. Earlier,
this distinction was not provided.
The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has directed zonal heads of
the income tax department (ITD) to share information related to assets
and liabilities of defaulters with banks on their request. This will help in
boosting loan recovery efforts of public sector banks (PSBs). In a
directive, the CBDT said an official of the commissioner rank and above
can share such information with the applicant if the former is satisfied
that it is in the public interest.
According to domestic rating agency, the cumulative debt of the
National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has increased to Rs 1.78 lakh
crore in FY19 from around Rs. 40,000 crore in FY14. The borrowing is
expected to go up to Rs. 3.31 lakh crore by FY23 as its needs resources to
fund construction of around 25,000 km highway projects in six years
under the Bharatmala programme starting from FY18.
Markets for You
Asian equity markets gained as comments from the U.S. Treasury
Secretary and U.S. President hinted that trade relations with China could
get better. Also, media reports said U.S. and China have agreed to a
tentative truce in their trade dispute. Today (as of June 28), Asian
markets opened lower as investors await commencement of G-20
summit where U.S. and China’s President are expected to meet amid the
ongoing trade standoff. Nikkei and Hangseng fell 0.40% and 0.44%,
respectively (as at 8.a.m. IST).
As per the last close, European markets closed on mixed a note as
investors remained cautious ahead of meeting between U.S. and China’s
President at the upcoming G20 summit. Further, Eurozone’s weak
economic sentiment data in Jun weighed on the indices.
As per the last close, U.S markets closed mostly higher as investors
looked ahead to the highly anticipated G20 meeting between U.S and
China’s President. However, weakness in an aerospace major following
reports that FAA has discovered a new potential risk with one of its
aircraft restricted the gains.
Indian equity markets ended flat as investors remained anxious of the
U.S.-China meet at the G20 summit over the weekend. Volatility was also
seen around the expiry of Jun 2019 derivative contracts. Though positive
signs have emerged from U.S. officials’ comments on the trade dealings,
the U.S. President has given mixed views. While showing optimism that a
deal with China was possible, the President added that he is considering
imposing "very substantial" tariffs on all Chinese imports if the two
countries cannot strike an agreement.
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 lost 0.01% and
0.05%, respectively to close at 39,586.41 and 11,841.55, respectively.
S&P BSE Mid-Cap and S&P BSE Small Cap gained 0.36% and 0.53%,
The overall market breadth on BSE was strong with 1411 scrips
advancing and 1130 scrips declining. A total of 167 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Realty was the major gainer, up
1.71%, followed by S&P BSE Auto and S&P BSE Telecom, up 1.15% and
0.78%, respectively. S&P BSE Consumer Discretionary Goods & Services
and S&P BSE Consumer Durables gained 0.68% each.
FII Derivative Trade Statistics 27-Jun
(Rs Cr) Buy
Sell Open Int.
Index Futures 7549.22 8388.43 24911.47
Index Options 258751.50 259148.28 62263.96
Stock Futures 30941.68 30024.78 90396.79
Stock Options 3189.82 3085.54 3820.54
Total 300432.22 300647.03 181392.76
27-Jun Prev_Day
Put Call Ratio (OI) 1.50 1.60 -0.11
Indian Debt Market
Put Call Ratio(Vol) 1.05 1.01 0.05
27-Jun Wk. Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
Call Rate 5.73% 5.81% 5.94% 6.14%
T-Repo 5.47% 5.68% 5.95% NA
Repo 5.75% 5.75% 6.00% 6.25%
Reverse Repo 5.50% 5.50% 5.75% 6.00%
91 Day T-Bill 5.97% 5.94% 6.20% 6.51%
364 Day T-Bill 6.13% 6.05% 6.30% 7.10%
10 Year Gilt 6.90% 6.79% 7.17% 7.87%
G-Sec Vol. (Rs.Cr) 70107 86140 71666 23103
Currency Market Update
FBIL MIBOR 5.90% 5.90% 6.00% 6.34%
3 Month CP Rate 7.00% 6.95% 6.85% 7.55%
5 Year Corp Bond 8.08% 8.02% 8.19% 8.73%
1 Month CD Rate 6.24% 6.05% 6.46% 6.92%
3 Month CD Rate 6.51% 6.32% 6.56% 6.99%
1 Year CD Rate 7.18% 7.14% 7.38% 8.12%
Commodity Market Update
Currency 27-Jun Prev_Day
USD/INR 69.22 69.32 -0.10
GBP/INR 87.74 87.84 -0.10
EURO/INR 78.59 78.75 -0.17
International News
JPY/INR 0.64 0.65 -0.01
Commodity 27-Jun Wk Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
NYMEX Crude($/bl) 59.15 56.83 58.39 76.16
Brent Crude($/bl) 68.22 66.88 68.97 75.58
Gold( $/oz) 1409 1388 1285 1252
Gold(Rs./10 gm) 33849 33520 31708 30536
Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon
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28 June 2019
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Derivative Statistics- Nifty Options
Derivatives Market
Debt Watch
Currency Market
Commodity Prices
Bond yield eased with decline in crude oil prices ahead of the G20
summit as market participants remain doubtful on the possibility of a
U.S.-China trade truce. Besides, foreign banks’ bond purchase and value
buying by investors also pulled the yield lower.
Yield on the 10-year benchmark paper (7.26% GS 2029) went down 3
bps to 6.90% compared with the previous close of 6.93% after trading in
a range of 6.88% to 6.96%.
Banks borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 4,437 crore (gross) on Jun 27, 2019, compared
with Rs. 9,362 crore (gross) as on Jun 26, 2019. Sale of securities under
Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood at Rs. 32,735
crore on Jun 26, 2019.
Banks borrowed Rs. 1 crore under the central bank’s Marginal Standing
Facility on Jun 26, 2019 compared to that of Rs. 53 crore borrowed on
Jun 25, 2019.
According to a Commerce Department report, new orders for U.S.
manufactured durable goods unexpectedly showed another steep drop
in May 2019. The Commerce Department said durable goods orders
slumped 1.3% in May after declining 2.8% in Apr 2019.
Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said U.K. car production
declined for the 12th straight month in May 2019 on sharp contractions
in domestic demand and exports. Car production declined 15.5% or
21,239 units on a yearly basis in May. Demand both at home and abroad
dropped by double-digits reflecting softening in the U.K. and key global
markets, and the effects of model changes, caused the negative
performance to continue.
Markets for You
Nifty Jun 2019 Futures settled at spot closing of 11,841.55. Nifty Jul
2019 Futures were at 11,908.85, a premium of 67.30 points, above the
spot closing. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and Options segment
increased to Rs. 26,55,696.52 crore on Jun 27, 2019, compared with Rs.
13,38,979.04 crore on Jun 26, 2019.
The Put-Call ratio stood at 1.04 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.92.
The Nifty Put-Call ratio stood at 1.50 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.60.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 23.95 million, compared with
the previous session’s close of 22.10.
The Indian rupee rose against the greenback with fall in crude oil prices
on skepticism over U.S.-China trade truce at the G20 summit. In addition,
dollar sales by foreign banks also supported the home currency. The
rupee closed at 69.06 a dollar, compared with previous close 69.15.
The euro was up against the greenback ahead of the G20 summit
where U.S. and China are expected to bring the deal to fruition. The euro
was last seen trading at 1.1377 compared with previous close of 1.1368.
Gold prices declined ahead of the G20 summit where the U.S. and
Chinese Presidents are expected to meet and resolve their trade
Brent crude prices slid as investors remain wary about the progress of
the U.S.-China trade deal at the upcoming G20 summit in Japan.
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