GlobalIndices 02Nov Prev_Day Abs.Change
DowJones 25,271 25,381 110 0.43
Nasdaq 7,357 7,434 77 1.04
FTSE 7,094 7,115 21 0.29
Nikkei 22,244 21,688 556 2.56
HangSeng 26,486 25,416 1,070 4.21
IndianIndices 02Nov Prev_Day Abs.Change
S&PBSESensex 35,012 34,432 580 1.68
Nifty50 10,553 10,380 173 1.66
Nifty100 10,782 10,608 175 1.65
NiftyBank 25,702 25,324 378 1.49
SGXNifty 10,623 10,415 208 2.00
S&PBSEPower 1 ,989 1,974 16 0.79
S&PBSESmallCap 14,465 14,356 109 0.76
S&PBSEHC 14,563 14,633 70 0.48
Date P/E Div.Yield P/E Div.Yield
2Nov 22.72 1.26 25.40 1.25
MonthAgo 23.47 1.23 26.62 1.22
YearAgo 24.82 1.15 26.63 1.07
Company 02Nov Prev_Day
BPCL 302 283 6.67
Maruti 7135 6712 6.31
VedantaLimited 226 213 6.16
Nifty50Top3Losers DomesticNews
Company 02Nov Prev_Day
TechMahindra 691 721 4.13
Wipro 318 330 3.41
Dr.Reddy 2423 2462 1.56
Advances 1612 1168
Declines 1061 652
Unchanged 135 96
Description(Cr) YTD
FIIFlows* 41211
MFFlows** 111950
YoY(%) Current YearAgo
Sensex Nifty
According to the media reports, India would soon close a deal with the
U.S. after which it will allow the co untry to continue trade Iranian oil
without attracting any sanction. The Iran sanctions deadline is ending on
Nov4.U.S.Presidenthadreimposed economic sanctions on Iran by
withdrawing the 2015 nuclear accord in May 2018.
According to th e media reports, the Centre will likely not issue any
direction under Section 7 to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that goes
against the majority decision of the board. Further, as per the reports, if
at all any instructions are issued, it may be to make sure that the
governor of RBI accepts and implements the majority decision of the
According to the media reports, the union cabinet has approved
promulgating an ordinance to amend the Companies Act. The Corporate
Affairs Ministry is implementing the Act. It has been working on ways to
promote ease of doing business and ensure better compliance levels.
The Bombay Stock Exchange will delist nine companies from Nov 5,
2018. Trading in shares of these nine companies has remained suspended
for over 6 months. Further, for a period of 10 years, these delisted
companies, their wholetime directors, promoters and group firms will be
debarred from accessing the securities market. Over the past few
months, the exchange has been delisting those firms whose trading has
remained suspended for a long period.
The chief executive officer (CEO) of NITI Aayog has stated that the
country would be adding an additional $700 billion to its e conomy if its
share of the women workforce grows to 48% from 24%. O nly 24% of the
women work in India as against 48% across the world. CEO stated that in
order to achieve this, the attention should be on women's health and
education and men will have to push women into employment.
Asian equity markets gained on easing trade war worries after the U.S.
President was reported to be planning a trade deal with Beijing. Investors
were waiting for U.S. Labor Department’s employment report, which was
due to be released later in the day. Today (as of Nov 05), Asian markets
opened lower ahead of a speech from Chinese President. Both Nikkei and
Hang Seng we re trading lower 1.33% and 1.70%, respectively (as at 8 a.m.
As per the last close, European markets mostly rose on easing concerns
over global trade as the U.S. President and Chinese President expressed
optimism about resolving their trade disputes ahead of a meeting in Nov
2018. However, gains were limited f ollowing losses on the Wall Street.
As per the last close, U.S markets declined after a technology major
shares prices plunged on w eaker than expected mobile phone shipments
despite upbeat earnings and revenue in Sep quarter of 2018. However,
losses were limited following upbeat nonfarm p ayroll growth in Oct 2018.
Indian equity markets gained on the back of easing trade war tensions,
decline in crude oil prices and steady auto sales for Oct 2018. Als o, signs
that the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are no longer at
loggerheads buoyed investors.
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 1.68% and
1.66% to close at 35,011.65 and 10,553.00, respectively. S &P BSE Mid
Cap gained 0.78%, while S&P BSE Small C ap increased 0.76%.
The overall market breadth on BSE was strong with 1612 scrips
advancing and 1061 scrips declining. A total of 135 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Auto was the major gainer, up
4.05%, followed by S&P BSE Metal and S&P BSE Basic Materials, up 3.04%
and 2.61%, respectively. S&P BSE Oil & Gas and S&P BSE Consumer
Discretionary Goods & Services gained 2.46% and 2.45%, respectively.
The biggest loser was S&P BSE Information Technology, down 1.32%,
followed by S&P BSE Teck and S&P BSE Healthcare, down 0.96% and
0.48%, respectively. The auto sector gained as various companies posted
steady increase in sales for Oct 2018.
FIIDerivativeTradeStatistics 02Nov
(RsCr) Buy Sell OpenInt.
IndexFutures 3196.81 3460.17 27102.81
IndexOptions 177535.09 174617.48 56626.41
StockFutures 17121.95 16164.98 81859.46
StockOptions 6767.25 6678.85 6566.44
Total 204621.10 200921.48 172155.12
02Nov Prev_Day Change
PutCallRatio(OI) 1.63 1.53 0.09
PutCallRatio(Vol) 1.03 0.95 0.08
02Nov Wk.Ago Mth.Ago YearAgo
CallRate 6.41% 6.48% 6.37% 5.84%
CBLO 6.30% 5.13% 5.94% 5.80%
Repo 6.50% 6.50% 6.50% 6.00%
ReverseRepo 6.25% 6.25% 6.25% 5.75%
91DayTBill 6.90% 6.91% 6.90% 6.10%
364DayTBill 7.42% 7.41% 7.60% 6.23%
10YearGilt 7.78% 7.88% 7.99% 6.86%
GSecVol.(Rs.Cr) 52876 26216 34997 41821
FBILMIBOR 6.55% 6.55% 6.50% 6.00%
3MonthCPRate 8.60% 8.45% 8.00% 6.77%
5YearCorpBond 8.64% 8.84% 8.94% 7.55%
1MonthCDRate 6.97% 7.19% 6.78% 6.08%
3MonthCDRate 7.56% 7.34% 7.46% 6.21%
1YearCDRate 8.34% 8.34% 8.35% 6.57%
Currency 02Nov Prev_Day Change
USD/INR 72.88 73.83 0.95
GBP/INR 94.75 94.82 0.07
EURO/INR 83.23 83.73 0.50
JPY/INR 0.64 0.65 0.01
Commodity 02Nov WkAgo Mth.Ago YearAgo
NYMEXCrude($/bl) 63.07 67.53 75.32 54.50
BrentCrude($/bl) 70.20 78.29 85.33 60.98
Gold($/oz) 1232 1233 1188 1276
Gold(Rs./10gm) 31565 31868 30499 29206
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prices, alleviating inflationary pressure and worries over foreign outflow.
Yield on the 10year benchmark paper (7.17% GS 2028) decreased 4
bps to 7.78% compared with the previous close of 7.82% after trading in
the range of 7.75% to 7.79%.
Banks’ borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 3,846 crore (gross) o n Nov 2 compared with a
borrowing of Rs. 3,871 crore (gross) on Nov 1. Sale of securities under
the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood at Rs.
28,616 crore on Nov 1.
Banks borrowed Rs. 103 crore under the central bank’s Marginal
Standing Facility on Nov 1 compared with borrowing of Rs. 405 crore on
Oct 31.
A report from t he Labor department showed that U.S. nonfarm payroll
employment surged up by 250,000 jobs in Oct 2018 as against
downwardly revised 118,000 jobs (134,000 jobs originally reported) i n
Sep 2018. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remained unchanged in
Oct 2018 as against the previous month at 3.7%. This marked the lowest
level since Dec 1969.
According to the Commerce Department, U.S. construction spending
was estimated at an annual rate of $1.33 trillion, thereby remaining
nearly unchanged as against revised rate in Aug 2018. Increase in
spending on private construction was offset by a drop in spending on
public construction.
Nifty Nov 2018 Futures settled at 10,577.05, a premium of 24.05 points,
above the spot closing of 10,553. 00. Th e turnover on NSE’s Futures a nd
Options s egment decreased to Rs. 7,00,968.41 on Nov 2 compared with
Rs. 18,17,981.83 on Nov 1 .
•ThePutCall ratio stood at 0.92 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.89.
•TheNiftyPutCall ratio stood at 1.63 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.53.
Open interest on Nifty Futures s tood at 24.62 million as against the
previous session’s close at 23.97 million.
The Indian rupee saw a sharp rise against the greenback following the
decline in crude oil price, which improved the market sentiment and
investors’ risktaking appetite. The rupee closed at 72.44 a dollar, up
1.38% compared with the previous close of 73.45.
The euro drifted higher ahead of the U.S. job data and on optimism ove
improving trade relations between U.S. and China. The euro was last seen
trading at 1.1445 a dollar, up 0.33% compared with the previous close o
Gold prices remained nearly steady after a rise of over 1.5% in the last
Brent Crude prices rebound following the U.S. and Chinese presidents’
expression of optimism for resolving their trade war, which lifted the
demand outlook for oil.
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your time.