GlobalIndices 21Nov Prev_Day Abs.Change
DowJones 24,465 24,466 10.00
Nasdaq 6,972 6,909 63 0.92
FTSE 7,050 6,948 102 1.47
Nikkei 21,508 21,583 76 0.35
HangSeng 25,971 25,840 131 0.51
IndianIndices 21Nov Prev_Day Abs.Change
S&PBSESensex 35,200 35,475 275 0.77
Nifty50 10,600 10,656 56 0.53
Nifty100 10,836 10,875 39 0.36
NiftyBank 26,262 26,113 149 0.57
SGXNifty 10,620 10,691 71 0.66
S&PBSEPower 1 ,936 1,956 20 1.04
S&PBSESmallCap 14,414 14,406 9 0.06
S&PBSEHC 14,383 14,234 148 1.04
Date P/E Div.Yield P/E Div.Yield
21Nov 22.96 1.23 25.55 1.25
MonthAgo 22.03 1.30 24.83 1.30
YearAgo 24.69 1.16 26.20 1.08
Company 21Nov Prev_Day
Dr.Reddy 2602 2443 6.49
YesBank 198 192 3.15
GrasimIndus 864 838 3.08
Nifty50Top3Losers DomesticNews
Company 21Nov Prev_Day
TCS 1812 1878 3.53
Infosys 619 641 3.48
PowerGrid 182 188 3.34
Advances 1240 898
Declines 1345 875
Unchanged 140 90
Description(Cr) YTD
FIIFlows* 36914
MFFlows** 112453
YoY(%) Current YearAgo
Sensex Nifty
Indian equity market added to the losses of the previous session as
global cues remained weak. Overnight U.S. market declined because of
escalating trade tensions, global growth fears and concerns about
earnings outlook. Also, a rebound i n crude oil added to the woes of the
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 declined 0.77% and
0.53% to close at 35,199.80 and 10,600.05, respectively. S&P BSE Mid
Cap and S&P BSE Small Cap gained 0.64% and 0.06% respectively.
The overall market breadth on BSE was weak with 1240 scrips
advancing and 1345 scrips declining. A total of 140 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Realty was the major gainer, up
1.53%, followed by S&P BSE Healthcare and S&P BSE Consumer Durables,
up 1. 04% and 0.75%, respectively. S&P BSE Telecom and S&P BSE Bankex
gained 0.62% and 0.55%, respectively. The major loser was S&P BSE
Information Technology, down 2.92%, followed by S&P BSE Teck and S&P
BSE Energy, down 2.47% and 1.39%, respectively.
Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed promoters t o
make counter offer to shareholders of companies that are planning to
delist from stock exchanges. This is aimed at bettering the current
method. SEBI’s system for price discovery is as per the reverse book
building (RRB) method, along with considering counter offer of promoter.
Tax evasion worth Rs. 29,088 crore have been detected by the
investigation arm of the finance ministry in 1,835 cases during AprOct
2018, according to media reports. Of this, the Dir ec torate General of GST
Intelligence (DGGI) has detecte d evasion of goods and services tax (GST)
worth Rs. 4,562 crore in 571 cases. The bulk of evasion has been detected
in service tax with total number of cases at 1,145 involving Rs. 22,973
crore. Central excise duty has 119 cases where tax evaded was worth Rs.
1,553 crore. Ministry officials said the total amount of detection could be
more as the data does not include detection by field offices of the Central
Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, the report said.
According to media reports, In dian a irlines are urging the government
to help them get unsecured credit from oil companies and airports.
Airlines have been struggling as fuel price increases and pushes them
deeper into losses. They are not able to hike ticket fares because of
competition and aggressive pricing, or else that would have taken care of
the higher input costs, the Federation of I ndian Airlines has said in a letter
to the aviation ministry, said the report.
According to media reports, Insurance Regulatory and Development
Authority of India has given its inprinciple approval for UKbased Legal
and General Group to sell its stake in India First Life Insurance Company
to private equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC.
According to media reports, Infosys would open three innovation hubs
in Australia and create 1,200 jobs by 2020. The move comes as Infosys
looks to increase digital offerings for its clients apart from bridging the
digital skill gap in the country.
Asian equity markets were mixed as investors worried over weak
corporate earnings and slowing global growth, which has been fuelling a
selloff in the U.S. market, on the one hand. On the other, bourses were
bolstered by Chinese President’s support for the country’s private sector.
Also, Chinese financial regulators have pledged widening of funding
channels for smaller firms. Today (as of Nov 22), Asian markets opened
mostly on a positive note following higher close on the Wall Street
overnight. While Nikkei was up 0 .22%, Hang Seng was down 0.14% (as at
As per the last close, European markets rose after a media reported
that Italian government is likely to make settlement with the European
Union on certain parts of its budget. The report said that Italian
government was willing to lower the planned spending on a citizen's
income and unwinding of a previous pension reform.
As per the last close, U.S markets mostly rose on value buying following
selloff in the previous two sessions. Upbeat Sep quarter results news
from three U.S. retailers also contributed to the upside.
FIIDerivativeTradeStatistics 21Nov
(RsCr) Buy Sell OpenInt.
IndexFutures 3041.42 2870.91 34458.35
IndexOptions 78639.13 79377.16 78088.36
StockFutures 11852.08 12425.33 83268.03
StockOptions 8232.19 8467.89 10221.93
Total 101764.82 103141.29 206036.67
21Nov Prev_Day Change
PutCallRatio(OI) 1.55 1.64 0.09
PutCallRatio(Vol) 0.99 1.06 0.07
20Nov Wk.Ago Mth.Ago YearAgo
CallRate Closed 6.34% 6.55% 5.89%
TRepo Closed 6.31% ‐‐
Repo 6.50% 6.50% 6.50% 6.00%
ReverseRepo 6.25% 6.25% 6. 25% 5.75%
91DayTBill 6.77% 6. 90% 6.87% 6.10%
364DayTBill 7.26% 7.37% 7.46% 6.23%
10YearGilt 7.79% 7.73% 7.92% 6.90%
GSecVol.(Rs.Cr) 29111 42329 20275 49977
FBILMIBOR Closed 6.49% 6.60% 6.00%
3MonthCPRate Closed 8.40% 7.90% 6.80%
5YearCorpBond 8.59% 8.50% 8.87% 7.64%
1MonthCDRate Closed 6.91% 7.19% 6.06%
3MonthCDRate Closed 7.55% 8.33% 6.23%
1YearCDRate Closed 8.22% 8.38% 6.61%
Currency 20Nov Prev_Day Change
USD/INR 71.33 71.33 Closed
GBP/INR 91.72 91.72 Closed
EURO/INR 81.69 81.69 Closed
JPY/INR 0.63 0.63 Closed
Commodity 21Nov WkAgo Mth.Ago YearAgo
NYMEXCrude($/bl) 54.38 56.11 69.11 56.79
BrentCrude($/bl) 60.79 63.72 81.17 62.32
Gold($/oz) 1226 1211 1226 1280
Gold(Rs./10gm) 30862 30759 31706 29434
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Nifty Nov 2018 Futures settled at 10,621.6, a premium of 21.55 points,
above the spot closing of 10,600.05. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment increased to Rs. 9,32,605.13 crore on Nov 21 compared
with Rs. 6,59,232.08 crore on Nov 20.
•ThePutCall ratio stood at 0.94 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.96.
•TheNiftyPutCall ratio stood at 1.55 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.64.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 25.59 million as against the
previous session’s close at 25.85 million..
The domestic debt market remained closed on account of IdEMilad.
The domestic currency market remained closed on account of IdE
The euro rose on optimism regarding Italy move towards
compromising with the European Union (EU) by modifying certain areas
of the budget. The Italian prime minister declared to introduce reforms
after EU declined the revised budget, pressurising the government to
reduce deficit. The euro was last seen trading at 1.1406 a dollar
compared with the p revious c lose of 1.1370.
Gold prices edged higher as the greenback softened amid passive
trading in the equity market before the Thanksgiving holiday in U.S.
Brent crude prices saw a marginal improvement after losing more than
4% in the previous session when American Petroleum Institute reported
1.5 million barrels reduction in crude oil inventory.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
said global economic growth has peaked and is now slowing as the world
faces risks from rising trade tensions and tightening financial conditions.
OECD cut the global growth projection for 2019 to 3.5% from 3.7%,
estimated i n May 2018, in its latest Economic Outlook report.
According to a Commerce Department report, U.S. housing starts
rebounded in Oct 2018, although building permits decreased a bit.
Housing starts increased 1.5% to an annual rate of 1.228 million in Oct
after plunging 5.5% to a revised rate of 1.210 million in Sep 2018.
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