GlobalIndices 04Oct Prev_Day Abs.Change
DowJones 26,627 26,828 201 0.75
Nasdaq 7,880 8,025 146 1.81
FTSE 7,418 7,510 92 1.22
Nikkei 23,976 24,111 135 0.56
HangSeng 26,624 27,091 467 1.73
IndianIndices 04Oct Prev_Day Abs.Change
S&PBSESensex 35,169 35,976 806 2.24
Nifty50 10,599 10,858 259 2.39
Nifty100 10,794 11,046 252 2.28
NiftyBank 24,819 25,070 251 1.00
SGXNifty 10,612 10,912 300 2.75
S&PBSEPower 1,942 1,955 13 0.67
S&PBSESmallCap 14,126 14,424 298 2.07
S&PBSEHC 14,550 15,003 453 3.02
Date P/E Div.Yield P/E Div.Yield
4Oct 22.58 1.28 25.63 1.27
MonthAgo 24.47 1.17 28.01 1.16
YearAgo 23.65 1.22 25.75 1.15
Company 04Oct Prev_Day
ICICIBank 317 304 4.21
AxisBank 586 572 2.45
UltratechCem 3944 3860 2.16
Nifty50Top3Losers DomesticNews
Company 04Oct Prev_Day
HPCL 217 251 13.54
BPCL 331 378 12.36
IndianOil 140 158 11.43
Advances 753 467
Declines 1914 1388
Unchanged 135 77
Description(Cr) YTD
FIIFlows* 17664
MFFlows** 90031
YoY(%) Current YearAgo
Sensex Nifty
Indian Equity markets significantly fell with Sensex registering its
biggest pointwise decline in over eight months. Market sentiments took
a hit earlier during the trading session as global crude oil prices touched a
4year high of $86 per barrel on Oct 3. The rupee subsequently
plummeted to a fresh record low against the greenback that fueled
concerns of widening fiscal deficit and increase in domestic inflationary
pressures. Possibility of more rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve raised
concerns of foreign capital outflow, which added to the woes.
Oil & Gas stocks remained under pressure after the finance minister
urged the oil marketing companies to absorb Re. 1 cut on fuel prices.
Weak service s ector data for Aug 2018 also muted buying interest.
Investors remained cautious ahead of the outcome of Monetary Policy
review due on Oct 5, 2018. However, gains in banking stocks following
reports of step down of CEO and MD one of the banking majors restricted
the losses.
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 plunged 2.24% and
2.39% to close at 35,169.16 and 10,599.25, respectively. S&P BSE Mid
Cap and S&P BSE Small Cap fell 1.93% and 2.07%, respectively.
The Nikkei India Services Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) fell to 50.9
in Sep 2018 from 51.5 in Aug 2018. This marked t he lowest score in four
month period. The downside reflects weak demand and stagnant new
work. Despite slight improvement in manufacturing PMI, seasonally
adjusted Nikkei India Composite PMI Output Index fell to 51.6 in Sep 2018
as against 51.9 in A ug 2018. Rising price pressures weighed on the market
The government has decided to lower the excise duty on petrol and
diesel by Rs 2.50 per litre with immediate effect. The finance minister
while announcing the decision added that the central government will cut
Rs 1.50 in excise duty on fuel while an additional Rs. 1 will be absorbed by
the Oil Marketing Companies. The decision comes as global crude oil
prices touched $86 per barrel and the government was of the view that
there was uncertainty in the international oil market. The state
governments have been asked by the government to cut the valueadded
tax on fuel by an equal amount. Though the move is expected to have an
impact of Rs. 10,500 crore in FY19, ho wever, the finance minister is
confident of attaining the fiscal deficit target.
Tech Mahindra has entered into agreement with the Israel Aerospace
Industries, fully owned by the Israeli government, to provide
cybersecurity solutions to Indian as well as global companies.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS). Both
will together work on fundamental research, technology validation and
the realworld applications and commercialisation of technologies in
According to media reports, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, a subsidiary
of Larsen & Toubro in consortium with Baker Hughes and McDermott
International has got a subsea contract from ONGC for development of
block DWN98/2 in the Krishna Godavari basin.
Asian markets moved down on concerns over further rate hike by
Federal Reserve as private sector employment and services sector data
came higher than expected. Stronger yen and persisting trade tension
between U.S. and China further dented sentiments. Chinese market
remained closed on account of public holiday. Today (as of Oct 05), Asian
markets opened lower following losses on the Wall Street overnight. Both
Nikkei and Hang Seng were trading lower 0.51% and 0.26%, respectively
(as at 8 a.m. IST).
As per the last close, European markets declined as buying interest in
riskier investments like equity diminished following rise in U.S. treasury
yields. The 10 year treasury yield rose to its highest level in over seven
years following upbeat weekly jobless claims d ata.
As per the last clos e, U.S markets fell following su rge in U.S. treasury
yields, which raised concerns about the outlook for interest rates. A
separate report showed bigger than forecasted rebound in factory orders
in Aug 2018.
FIIDerivativeTradeStatistics 04Oct
(RsCr) Buy Sell OpenInt.
IndexFutures 4293.45 4992.99 18494.99
IndexOptions 153317.75 154675.08 65980.73
StockFutures 14339.67 14389.22 83525.17
StockOptions 6142.19 6095.12 4491.89
Total 178093.06 180152.41 172492.78
04Oct Prev_Day Change
PutCallRatio(OI) 1.21 1.36 0.15
PutCallRatio(Vol) 0.67 0.89 0.22
04Oct Wk.Ago Mth.Ago YearAgo
CallRate 6.32% 6.46% 6.32% 5.87%
CBLO 5.86% 5.98% 6.22% 5.78%
Repo 6.50% 6.50% 6.50% 6.00%
ReverseRepo 6.25% 6.25% 6.25% 5.75%
91DayTBill 7.09% 7.05% 6.75% 6.07%
364DayTBill 7. 73% 7.64% 7.32% 6.20%
10YearGilt 8.16% 8.03% 8.06% 6.70%
GSecVol.(Rs.Cr) 27393 34665 41362 46873
FBILMIBOR 6.45% 6.55% 6.45% 6.00%
3MonthCPRate 8.40% 8.35% 7.70% 6.62%
5YearCorpBond 9.09% 8.90% 8.81% 7.51%
1MonthCDRate 7.13% 7.63% 6.94% 6.06%
3MonthCDRate 7.38% 7.75% 7.29% 6.15%
1YearCDRate 8.59% 8.40% 8.06% 6.57%
Currency 04Oct Prev_Day Change
USD/INR 73.75 73.03 0.72
GBP/INR 95.39 94.99 0.40
EURO/INR 84.63 84.58 0.05
JPY/INR 0.64 0.64 0.00
Commodity 04Oct WkAgo Mth.Ago YearAgo
NYMEXCrude($/bl) 74.39 72.13 69.77 49.95
BrentCrude($/bl) 86.41 82.03 77.58 56.09
Gold($/oz) 1199 1182 1191 1274
Gold(Rs./10gm) 31057 30575 30191 29428
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Nifty Oc t 2018 Futures settled at 10,631.25, a premium of 32.00 points,
above the spot closing of 10,599.25. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment we nt up to Rs. 20,26,271.53 on Oct 4 compared with
Rs. 11,76,210.85 on Oct 3.
•ThePutCall ratio stood at 0.76, compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.77.
•TheNiftyPutCall ratio stood at 1.21 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.36.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 20.01 million as against the
previous session’s close at 18.14 million.
Bond yield rose as crude oil prices continued to surge and rupee hit a
record low against the greenback. This led to w orries of rise in domestic
inflationary pressures and concerns over widening trade deficit of the
country. Apprehension of a rate hike by the Monetary Policy Committee
in its monetary policy review due Oct 5, also weighed on the market
•Yieldonthe10year benchmark paper (7.17% GS 2028) surged 5 bps t o
8.16% compared wit h the previous closing of 8.11% after trading in the
range of 8.15% to 8.21%.
Banks’ borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 3,401 crore (gross) on Oct 4 compared with a
borrowing of Rs. 4,116 crore (gross) on Oct 3. Sale of securities under the
Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood a t Rs. 68,725
crore on Oct 3.
The Indian rupee hit another record low with persistent surge in global
crude oil prices. The rupee declined 0.32% to close at 73.58 a dollar from
the previous close of 73.34.
The euro rose against the greenback on reports that the Italian
government is considering cutting the budget deficit for 2020 and 2021,
while working on lowering debt over the next three years. The euro was
last seen trading at 1.1506 a dollar compared with the previous close of
•Goldpricesimprovedonworriesoverthedebtridden Italy’s budget
deficit. However, gains were restricted with the release of strong U.S.
economic d ata that lifted U.S. Treasury yield.
Brent crude prices remained strong ahead of the looming U.S. sanction
on Iran, which kicks in Nov.
According to a report released by the Institute for Supply
Management, U.S. nonmanufacturing index unexpectedly rose to 61.6
in Sep 2018 from 58.5 in Aug 2018. The index rose to the highest level
since the inception of the composite index in 2008.
According to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and
Traders, U.K. car registration fell 20.5% in Sep 2018 as against decline of
23.1% in Aug 2018.
According to data from the IHS Markit, Germany construction
Purchasing Ma nagers' Index (PMI) fell to 50.2 in Sep 2018 from 51.5 in
Aug 2018.
A ccording to data from IHS Markit, Hong Kong's Nikkei Purchasing
Manager's Index fell to 47.9 in Sep 2018 from 48.5 in Aug 2018.
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your time.