16 Sep 2019
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Global Indices
Global Indices 13-Sep Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
Russell 3000 1,309 1,313 -4 -0.29
Nasdaq 8,177 8,194 -18 -0.22
FTSE 7,367 7,345 23 0.31
Nikkei 21,988 21,760 229 1.05
Hang Seng 27,353 27,088 265 0.98
Indian Indices 13-Sep Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
S&P BSE Sensex 37,385 37,104 281 0.76
Nifty 50 11,076 10,983 93 0.85
Nifty 100 11,205 11,114 92 0.82
Nifty 500 9,051 8,982 69 0.77
Nifty Bank 28,099 27,819 280 1.01
S&P BSE Power 1,944 1,919 24 1.26
S&P BSE Small Cap 13,013 12,908 105 0.82
S&P BSE HC 13,023 13,072 -50 -0.38
Date P/E Div. Yield P/E Div. Yield
13-Sep 26.42 1.23 27.23 1.39
Month Ago 25.78 1.26 27.03 1.35
Year Ago 24.43 1.17 27.64 1.18
Nifty 50 Top 3 Gainers
Company 13-Sep Prev_Day
% Change
BPCL 409 384 6.34
Indian Oil 130 124 4.58
Titan Industries 1123 1086 3.43
Nifty 50 Top 3 Losers Domestic News
Company 13-Sep Prev_Day
% Change
Bharti Airtel 343 348 -1.29
Dr.Reddy 2732 2767 -1.28
Sun Pharma 423 428 -1.16
Advance Decline Ratio
Advances 1509 1157
Declines 977 678
Unchanged 152 118
Institutional Flows (Equity)
Description (Cr)
FII Flows* 46605
MF Flows** 44859
Sep 2019; **12
Sep 2019
Economic Indicator
YoY(%) Current Year Ago
16 September 2019
Since May-17, MOSPI has revised base year of IIP & WPI from 2004-05 to 2011-12, and for CPI
from 2010 to 2012
Indian Equity Market
Indices Performance
P/E Dividend Yield
Quarter Ago
Indian equity markets gained mainly because investors’ expectations of
a rate-cut by the Reserve Bank of India were fueled by subdued inflation
data. Aug 2019 retail inflation remained below RBI’s medium-term target
of 4%. Global cues were encouraging too with positive U.S.-China trade
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 0.76% and
0.85% to close at 37,384.99 and 11,075.90 respectively. S&P BSE MidCap
and S&P BSE SmallCap gained 0.41% and 0.82% respectively.
The overall market breadth on BSE was strong with 1,509 scrips
advancing and 977 scrips declining. A total of 152 scrips remained
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Oil & Gas was the major gainer, up
2.73% followed by S&P BSE Consumer Durables, up 1.9% and S&P BSE
Energy, up 1.78%. S&P BSE Telecom was the major loser, down 0.53%
followed by S&P BSE Healthcare, down 0.38%.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that India’s economic
growth is much weaker’ than expected because of various factors, media
reports showed. Uncertainty in the corporate and environmental
regulations were sighted as reasons by IMF.
A Reserve Bank of India (RBI) committee has suggested setting up of a
federal body similar to the GST Council to implement reforms and boost
credit flow in the agriculture sector. It has also recommended direct
transfer of subsidy and no farm loan waivers. It said banks should develop
a management information system to flag loans sanctioned against gold
as collateral in core banking solution platform for effective monitoring of
end use of funds.
Commerce and industry minister said the government will soon launch
schemes to offer exporters loans, including foreign exchange credit, at
less than 4% interest rate, and increase the insurance cover up to 90%
against 60% at present. The minister said the government is concerned
that export credit has fallen, and so will come up with programme to
particularly support micro, small and medium enterprises. He added that
the ministry is waiting for the finance minister to take a call on some
issues on export credit.
The commerce and industry ministry, in its effort to remove the licence
raj and enhance ease of doing business, said no compulsory licence would
be required for manufacturers of goods, barring four segments of
tobacco items, defence equipment, hazardous chemicals and industrial
explosives. The ministry said that no industrial/arms licence is needed for
the manufacturer of any parts or accessories in the defence sector, unless
specifically listed for procuring licences.
According to media reports, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council
may lower levies for sectors like automobiles, biscuits and other fast-
moving consumer goods at its Sep 20, 2019, meeting. It could also discuss
raising the lowest slab of 5% to 8%.
Asian equity markets were broadly higher mainly on the back of positive
U.S.-China trade developments and an adequately dovish European
Central Bank rate decision. The U.S. President said he might consider an
interim deal with China while preferring a full agreement. Today (as of
Sep 16), Asian markets opened on a weak note as oil prices surged due to
drone attacks that hit major oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia.
Hangseng fell 0.76% (as at 8.a.m. IST). Nikkei remained closed.
European markets gained after the European Central Bank (ECB)
unveiled an aggressive stimulus package to support the ailing euro
economy. ECB’s new quantitative easing programme will see 20 billion
euros ($21.9 billion) per month of net asset purchases while it also cut
interest rate on its main deposit facility by 10 basis points to -0.5%, which
is a new record low.
U.S. markets gained on U.S.-China trade optimism. Media reports
showed that China will exempt some U.S. agricultural products, including
soybeans and pork, from additional tariffs.
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FII Derivative Trade Statistics 13-Sep
(Rs Cr) Buy
Sell Open Int.
Index Futures 2700.90 3707.39 15532.72
Index Options 348323.78 343155.07 56637.10
Stock Futures 12171.43 12371.69 88733.32
Stock Options 5452.19 5465.17 4011.85
Total 368648.30 364699.32 164914.99
13-Sep Prev_Day
Put Call Ratio (OI) 1.34 1.13 0.21
Indian Debt Market
Put Call Ratio(Vol) 1.02 0.94 0.08
13-Sep Wk. Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
Call Rate 5.29% 5.37% 5.31% 6.45%
T-Repo 5.28% 5.22% 5.36% NA
Repo 5.40% 5.40% 5.40% 6.50%
Reverse Repo 5.15% 5.15% 5.15% 6.25%
91 Day T-Bill 5.30% 5.30% 5.35% 7.09%
364 Day T-Bill 5.62% 5.65% 5.54% 7.66%
10 Year Gilt 6.64% 6.60% 6.53% 8.13%
G-Sec Vol. (Rs.Cr) 54062 36013 36129 41095
Currency Market Update
FBIL MIBOR 5.43% 5.47% 5.40% 6.59%
3 Month CP Rate 5.65% 5.85% 5.90% 7.95%
5 Year Corp Bond 7.52% 7.48% 7.74% 8.96%
1 Month CD Rate 5.36% 5.14% 5.53% 7.12%
3 Month CD Rate 5.38% 5.73% 5.74% 7.25%
1 Year CD Rate 6.23% 6.47% 6.67% 8.39%
Commodity Market Update
Currency 13-Sep Prev_Day
USD/INR 70.94 71.32 -0.38
GBP/INR 87.65 87.91 -0.26
EURO/INR 78.56 78.51 0.06
International News
JPY/INR 0.66 0.66 0.00
Commodity 13-Sep Wk Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
NYMEX Crude($/bl) 54.71 56.40 57.00 70.32
Brent Crude($/bl) 62.14 61.57 60.04 79.96
Gold( $/oz) 1488 1507 1501 1205
Gold(Rs./10 gm) 37592 38185 37799 30478
Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon
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16 September 2019
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Derivative Statistics- Nifty Options
Derivatives Market
Debt Watch
Currency Market
Commodity Prices
Nifty Sep 2019 Futures stood at 11,105.55, a premium of 29.65 points
above the spot closing of 11,075.90. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment fell to Rs. 9,21,268.73 on September 13, 2019,
compared with Rs. 24,81,445.36 crore on September 12, 2019.
The Put-Call ratio stood at 0.94 compared with the previous session’s
close of 0.85.
The Nifty Put-Call ratio stood at 1.34 compared with the previous
session’s close of 1.13.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 18.94 million, compared with
the previous session’s close of 18.78 million.
Bond yields eased on rising expectations of policy rate cuts by the
Monetary Policy Committee, particularly after the release of Aug inflation
data. However, domestic fiscal concern continues to weigh on sentiments.
Yield on the 10-year benchmark paper (7.26% GS 2029) decreased 2 bps
to 6.64% compared with the previous close of 6.66% after trading in a
range of 6.61% to 6.69%.
Banks borrowings under the repo window of the Liquidity Adjustment
Facility (LAF) stood at Rs. 4,620 crore (gross) on Sep 13, 2019 compared
with borrowings of Rs. 3,994 crore (gross) on Sep 12, 2019. Sale of
securities under Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) reverse repo window stood
at Rs. 16,417 crore on Sep 12, 2019.
Banks borrowed Rs. 751 crore under the central bank’s Marginal
Standing Facility on Sep 12, 2019 compared with borrowings of Rs. 477
crore on Sep 11, 2019.
The Indian rupee rose against the greenback following gains in the
domestic equity market. Ease in trade tensions between U.S. and China
to some extent and European Central Bank’s asset purchase program
announcement added to the gains.
The euro rose against the greenback after the European Central Bank
exempted euro zone banks from paying a penalty charge on idle cash
worth six times their mandatory reserves.
Gold prices fell as trade tensions between U.S. and China eased to
some extent which reduced the safe haven appeal of the yellow metal.
Brent crude prices rose as optimism over U.S.-China trade talks
boosted the demand outlook of the commodity.
Commerce Department data showed U.S. retail sales increased by
more than expected in Aug 2019. Retail sales increased by 0.4% after
climbing by 0.8% in Jul 2019.
University of Michigan preliminary data showed sentiment rebounded
by more than anticipated in Sep 2019. Consumer sentiment index rose to
92.0 in Sep after plunging to a three-year low of 89.8 in Aug 2019.
A Commerce Department report showed business inventories in the
U.S. increased by more than expected in Jul 2019. business inventories
rose 0.4% in Jul 2019 after coming in unchanged in Jun 2019.
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