Global Indices
Global Indices 23-Mar Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
Russell 3000 1,957 1,968 -11 -0.55
Nasdaq 13,228 13,378 -150 -1.12
FTSE 6,699 6,726 -27 -0.40
Nikkei 28,996 29,174 -178 -0.61
Hang Seng 28,497 28,885 -388 -1.34
Indian Indices 23-Mar Prev_Day Abs. Change
% Change
S&P BSE Sensex 50,051 49,771 280 0.56
Nifty 50 14,815 14,736 78 0.53
Nifty 100 14,952 14,860 92 0.62
Nifty 500 12,417 12,339 79 0.64
Nifty Bank 34,184 33,603 581 1.73
S&P BSE Power 2,568 2,546 22 0.86
S&P BSE Small Cap 20,773 20,619 154 0.75
S&P BSE HC 20,902 20,751 150 0.73
Date P/E Div. Yield P/E Div. Yield
23-Mar 34.90 0.72 40.35 1.07
Month Ago 34.79 0.72 40.14 1.08
Year Ago 15.67 1.72 17.15 2.00
Nifty 50 Top 3 Gainers
Company 23-Mar Prev_Day
% Change
Shree Cements Limited 28312 26955 5.04
Ultratech Cem 6939 6728 3.14
Divi's Lab 3496 3406 2.64
Nifty 50 Top 3 Losers Domestic News
Company 23-Mar Prev_Day
% Change
Indian Oil 97 99 -2.42
Hindalco 332 340 -2.37
ONGC 107 110 -2.24
Advance Decline Ratio
Advances 1663 1157
Declines 1319 778
Unchanged 191 96
Institutional Flows (Equity)
Description (Cr)
FII Flows* 60344
MF Flows** -29461
Mar 2021; **16
Mar 2021
Economic Indicator
YoY(%) Current Year Ago
Data as on 22 Mar, 2021
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24 March 2021
Since May-17, MOSPI has revised base year of IIP & WPI from 2004-05 to 2011-12, and for CPI from 2010
to 2012
Indian Equity Market
Indices Performance
P/E Dividend Yield
Quarter Ago
Indian equity markets edged higher, led by gains in the banking stocks after
Supreme Court refused to extend the six-month loan moratorium period
offered by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last year, as it is a “policy
decision” on the part of the government and RBI. The apex court has also
lifted the temporary freeze on letting banks classify accounts as non-
performing assets (NPAs) after the moratorium has ended.
Key benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 0.56% and
0.53% to close at 50,051.44 and 14,814.75 respectively.
The overall market breadth on BSE was strong with 1,663 scrips advancing
and 1,319 scrips declining. A total of 191 scrips remained unchanged.
On the BSE sectoral front, S&P BSE Bankex was the major gainer, up 1.51%
followed by S&P BSE Industrials, up 1.16% and S&P BSE Energy, up 1.06%.
S&P BSE Metal was the major loser, down 0.74% followed by S&P BSE Oil &
Gas, down 0.45% and S&P BSE FMCG, down 0.45%.
The Union Minister announced that COVID vaccine is available to anyone
over the age of 45 starting Apr 1. The minister said that even people
without comorbidities and over the age of 45 can be vaccinated.
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) changed the way
perpetual bonds are valued. The deemed residual maturity of Basel III
supplementary tier-1 (AT-1) bonds will be 10 years until Mar 31,2022,
according to a circular issued by Sebi. Further, if the issuer does not
exercise call option for any ISIN then the valuation and calculation of
Macaulay Duration shall be done considering maturity of 100 years from
the date of issuance for AT-1 Bonds and Contractual Maturity for Tier 2
bonds, for all ISINs of the issuer.
The Reserve Bank of India said that on the basis of a review of the cash
balance, the government has decided to suspend its Rs. 20,000 crore
borrowing scheduled for March 26. This means the government will borrow
Rs. 20,000 crore less than the Rs 12.8 lakh crore target it set for FY21 in the
Budget on Feb 1. The next auction for Government of India Dated
Securities is set for Mar 26, 2021, according to the amended Issuance
Calendar released on Feb 1, 2021.
According to a notification, the Securities and Exchange Board of India
(Sebi) will use a new format for its annual report as part of its efforts to
provide a "true and full account" of its operations, policies, and
programmes over the course of a financial year. The source of income and
spending will be included in the annual report under the new rules
announced by the finance ministry, rather than the current provision of
presenting annual account statements separately
Bharti Airtel has acquired an 8.53% stake in Avaada Energy, a solar power
company based in Maharashtra. Bharti has purchased a stake in Avaada
MHbuldhana Pvt. Ltd in order to obtain 21.32 MW of solar power from
Avaada MH Buldhana under a group-captive agreement, reducing its carbon
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a Hyderabad-based Defence Public Sector
Undertaking, paid the Indian government an interim dividend of Rs. 92.008
Asian markets came under selling pressure following reports of sanctions
by coalition of western nations on Chinese officials for alleged human
rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of the China's
northwest. Today (as on Mar 24), Asian markets were mixed on concerns
over the world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Hang Seng
and Nikkei rose 1.05%, and 0.21%, respectively (as at 8 a.m. IST).
European markets mostly fell amid concerns about rising coronavirus cases
and extension of lockdown measures in some countries. Concerns over
rising tensions between the European Union and China weighed as well.
U.S. markets fell partially on concerns about extended coronavirus
lockdowns in Europe amid worries a new wave of infections. German
leaders agreed to extend the country's lockdown until Apr 18. The news
contributed to a steep drop by the price of crude oil.
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FII Derivative Trade Statistics 23-Mar
(Rs Cr) Buy
Sell Open Int.
Index Futures 5867.30 5885.31 13588.54
Index Options 344617.10 343256.13 108437.02
Stock Futures 40007.48 39732.18 97675.44
Stock Options 14133.65 13976.78 13802.98
Total 404625.53 402850.40 233503.98
23-Mar Prev_Day
Put Call Ratio (OI) 1.24 1.14 0.11
Put Call Ratio(Vol) 0.95 0.96 -0.01
23-Mar Wk. Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
Call Rate 3.26% 3.27% 3.22% 4.99%
T-Repo 3.26% 3.27% 2.91% 3.48%
Repo 4.00% 4.00% 4.00% 5.15%
Reverse Repo 3.35% 3.35% 3.35% 4.90%
91 Day T-Bill 3.29% 3.27% 3.20% 4.65%
364 Day T-Bill 3.77% 3.55% 3.65% 4.80%
10 Year Gilt 6.15% 6.18% 6.17% 6.38%
G-Sec Vol. (Rs.Cr) 29106 17559 19898 14500
3.45% 3.45% 3.47% 5.27%
3 Month CP Rate 3.65% 3.75% 3.65% 8.75%
5 Year Corp Bond 6.58% 6.67% 6.15% 7.48%
1 Month CD Rate 3.52% 3.50% 3.01% 7.07%
3 Month CD Rate 3.40% 3.50% 3.25% 7.08%
1 Year CD Rate 4.36% 4.42% 3.97% 7.54%
Currency 23-Mar Prev_Day
USD/INR 72.29 72.38 -0.08
GBP/INR 100.01 100.26 -0.25
EURO/INR 86.22 86.05 0.17
JPY/INR 0.66 0.67 0.00
Commodity 23-Mar Wk Ago Mth. Ago
Year Ago
NYMEX Crude($/bl) 57.70 64.78 61.63 23.28
Brent Crude($/bl) 62.10 68.24 65.82 22.29
Gold( $/oz) 1727 1731 1805 1553
Gold(Rs./10 gm) 44818 44740 46711 40989
Source: Refinitiv
Data as on 22 Mar, 2021
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24 March 2021
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Nifty Mar 2021 Futures stood at 14,832.90, a premium of 18.15 points
above the spot closing of 14,814.75. The turnover on NSE’s Futures and
Options segment rose to Rs. 36,98,201.11 crore on March 23, 2021,
compared with Rs. 29,07,223.92 crore on March 22, 2021.
The Put-Call ratio stood at 0.83 compared with the previous session’s close
of 0.92.
The Nifty Put-Call ratio stood at 1.24 compared with the previous session’s
close of 1.14.
Open interest on Nifty Futures stood at 12.44 million, compared with the
previous session’s close of 12.82 million.
Bond yields fell tracking decline in U.S. treasury yields. Market boosted
further after the Reserve bank of India (RBI) cancelled the last weekly
government securities auction of the current fiscal year amid improvement
in revenues.
Yield on the 10-year benchmark paper (5.85% GS 2030) fell 3 bps to close at
6.15% from the previous close of 6.18% after moving in the range of 6.13%
to 6.15%.
Aditya Birla Money plans to raise funds selling commercial papers maturing
in three months at a coupon of 5.10% and has received commitments of
around Rs. 100 crore.
Banks borrowed Rs. 2,530 crore under the central bank’s marginal standing
facility on Mar 22 compared to that of Mar 19, 2021 when banks borrowed
Rs. 6 crore.
After rising in the last four consecutive sessions, the Indian rupee weakened
against the greenback, following broad U.S. dollar strength. However, losses
were limited on greenback inflows.
Euro fell against the U.S. dollar on third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in
Europe. Also markets focused on divergent reactions to the recent rise in
government bond yield.
Gold prices fell as a stronger greenback kept the bullion under pressure.
Brent crude prices fell on concerns over extended lockdown in Europe amid
worries of a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
German Chancellor and regional leaders of 16 federal states agreed to
impose a hard lockdown during Easter due to an exponential increase in the
number of coronavirus cases in the country, in what is being called a "third
wave". From Apr 1 to Apr 5, shops, grocery stores, and other businesses will
be closed.
According to a report released by the National Association, U.S. existing
home sales fell 6.6% to an annual rate of 6.22 million in Feb 2021 after rising
0.2% to a downwardly revised rate of 6.66 million in Jan 2021.
According to the Office for National Statistics, U.K. unemployment rate
came in at 5% in three months to Jan 2021 and 5.1% seen in three months
to Dec 2020. At the same time, the employment rate dropped 0.3% points
from the previous quarter to 75%.
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