Invest in CPSE ETF FFO4 Invest in CPSE ETF FFO4
For Anchor Investors, offer opens & closes on March 19, 2019
For Non Anchor Investors, offer opens on March 20, 2019 & closes on March 22, 2019
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Top Reasons to invest in CPSE ETF

Play on India growth story through investment in the large CPSE stocks.

Nifty CPSE index: P/E ratio and dividend yields better compared to broader market index**

Flexibility of trading on real time basis

Lower expense ratios and transaction costs

**Valuation and Dividend Yield – Compared to Other Broader Indices:
Index Name P/E Ratio P/B Ratio Dividend Yield (%)
Nifty CPSE Index 8.43 1.37 5.52
Nifty 50 Index 26.32 3.41 1.25
Nifty Next 50 Index 41.74 3.77 0.92
Nifty 100 Index 27.63 3.44 1.21
Nifty 500 Index 29.23 3.17 1.17

Source: NSE. Data as of February 28, 2019 | Note :The stock composition of all the above indices are different