About Mutual Fund Day

With an aim to MAKE INDIA PROSPEROUS, Reliance Mutual Fund has embarked on a new journey to inculcate the habit of saving and get every household in India to invest in Mutual Funds.

Let’s stay motivated to invest regularly by celebrating the 7th of every month as Mutual Fund Day and build wealth in a disciplined manner.

Har mahine ki tarikh saat, kijiye Mutual Fund ke aadat ki shuruat!

Test your Financial Quotient (FQ)

1Have you lined up your finances to maintain your current lifestyle well into retirement, factoring in illnesses and other age-related costs?
Score: 0 0
2Have you arranged your finances to cover higher education/marriage of your children (even if they are not born yet)?
Score: 0 0
3Do you own the house that you live in?
Score: 0 0
4Will the returns on your current investments allow you to buy a new car every three years?
Score: 0 0
5Have you ensured that your tax saving investments are earning the best possible returns?
Score: 0 0
6Should you decide to follow your passion, are your investments enough to take care of your day-to- day expenses for the next 18 months?
Score: 0 0
7Are you sure your saving bank account surplus is earning the best possible returns?
Score: 0 0

Knowledge Center

Building a corpus for a retired life

Living a retired life need not be such a bad thing if all things are properly planned.

Securing the future of your children.

The rising cost of education has become a worry for parents.

Investing in a home as an asset.

Owning a house is one of the top three priorities of every investor.

Invest for security, enjoy the returns.

We all dream of getting rich. How to build wealth and get higher returns on investments?

Taking a sabbatical, without a sweat.

Taking a break can help us find our passion, rediscover our goals.

Looking to park your surplus cash? Why not consider liquid funds.

When it comes to saving money, traditional savings options are preferred over others.

Don't wait to ride the tide, SIP it!

A key to successful investing is resisting the impulse to time the market, and hold on for the long term.

Find out which tax saving investment suits your profile.

As the financial year comes to an end, taxpayers scurry around to find the best options to save tax.


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Mutual Fund Day – Awareness Schedule

This idea has been conceptualised by Reliance Mutual Fund as an Investor Education Initiative.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.