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E-Payouts for Redemption/ Dividends​​

​​​​​​​​​Update your core banking account details and get instant credit to your bank account for dividend / redemption payment via RTGS / NEFT / NECS.

This means you no longer have to wait endlessly for the cheque to arrive via post / courier nor do you have to worry about the possibility of the cheque being lost in transit and the subsequent formalities. You don't even have to take the trouble to deposit the cheque into your bank account and then wait for cheque clearance.

Why E-Payout?

  • It is secure, fast and a hassle-free medium to make payments.
  • Funds are transferred electronically
  • Eliminates dealing with cheques

Prerequisite to get E-Payout

  • ​The name of the bank and complete address of the branch with pin code should be provided.
  • Update your core banking account number.
  • Provide IFSC Code(It is the11-digit alphanumeric code printed on the cheque leaf, near the branch address. Alternatively, you may check the same with your bank branch) AND
  • ​​​MICR code (It is the 9-digit code that appears next to the cheque number)

Apply online by logging into your account

If you are not a registered customer and you wish to update your Core Banking Account Number, pleaseClick here to download the form and submit at any of our designated investor service center.​

If you wish to update your IFSC & MICR code only, then please Click here to download the form submit at any of our designated investor service center

Also you can receive all transaction updates via email and SMS if your email id and mobile number are registered in the folio.

Hurry up and update your details today!​


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