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Retirement Mutual Fund

Pension Plans​​ ​​

Retirement happens to be one of the most important life-stage goals, if not the most important! Yet, most of us do not plan prudently to ensure we have a happy and hassle-free post-retirement life.

Retirement is a fairly long-term goal, which requires careful considerations and planning.

A 30-30 rule of thumb says an individual earns for 30 years, to provide for 30 years of post-retirement life where the individual’s income would have stopped, yet the need to maintain similar life style exists. For this, you need some sound pension plans.

Have you planned for your retirement yet?

The following funds may be suitable for investors who seek to plan their retirement:

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​There can be no assurance that the returns of the scheme/investment philosophy shall be able to meet the above mentioned objectives or individual investors requirements. The said categorization cannot be considered as guidelines, scheme's objective, future prospects, scheme's indicative returns etc. Considering this, before making any investments, in order to arrive at an informed investment decision. the readers are advised to seek an independent professional advice and verify the contents of all the investment related documents such as Scheme Information Documents, Key Information Memorandums - Cum-Application Forms, Statement of Additional Information

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.​

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