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​Online Investment in Mutual Funds- A Smart Route to A Smart Way of Investing

Summary: With the World Wide Web catching pace with its buyers, investment too have found a place to be online for its investors. Saving on time and effort of running around a broker, doing paper work and standing in long queues, online option of investment in mutual funds comes as a boon to all. When latest market trends, NAVs, dividends, access to various calculators and tools, etc. all is just a few clicks away. So, if you are still followi​ng the old track, it is time to upgrade and invest your funds online.

In the age of speed and the era of internet, when everything that you ever wanted to know and anything you ever wanted to purchase is available online, then why not investments?​

Yes! Time is precious in our everyday busy lives. When shuttling between work and home takes much time on road and the rest of the day is packed between meetings and deadlines. In those few precious moments of peace that you get or steal, if you have to manage your money then it would be tough to personally go to an investment bank. It would be more than demanding to first get an understanding of investment types and policies and then get down to understand market, figure out ways to crack the technicalities, read the policy documents, zero down priorities in terms of lock in period, liquidity, etc. and all of it in person. Thus to simplify things, to save time and encourage people to mutual fund investment, online investment was made possible.

Most of the investment banks have recognized that as people have got comfortable with online transactions, so has the investor. Earlier investment in Mutual Funds​​ was a tall task that involved a lot of paper work, but with the increased popularity and usage of online mutual fund investments it has become evident that offline is passé and online application is a shorter and a simpler process. All it requires is filling of a form, which can be submitted right away, hence no more standing in long queues. And since online transfer of funds is just a quick click job; transferred and commercial transactions happen in a jiffy.

When investing in mutual funds, it’s essential to know various plans, schemes and its features as well as the terms involved, that’s exactly why all this is clearly mentioned on the websites of almost all the Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Also, to further assist the user with their risk profiling websites of various investment companies to facilitate smooth flow for your experience of online investment in mutual funds, there is everything from basic information of product offered, to market updates, to latest NAVs, scheme information, application form etc. available online. Also there are several tools and calculators, which further assist the investors to calculate their goals, SIP and estimate of corpus as well. With so much information accessible and that too all the time, investment in mutual funds is no longer a tedious process.

And having invested online in mutual funds, the investor is assigned a transaction pin and has a dashboard of his investments, where it can track the performance & transactions, check for additional information, dividends etc.

So, if you are still following the old track, it is time to upgrade and invest your funds online.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.


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