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5 Reasons to Choose Balanced Advantage Funds

Hybrid fund is a mutual fund scheme category that invests in two or more asset classes- namely Equity & Debt. While there are multiple types of hybrid funds. In this article, we will be looking at balanced advantage funds only.

Balanced advantage funds are also known as dynamic asset allocation funds. The portfolios of these funds are rebalanced on a periodic basis depending on the market conditions. Moreover, a balanced advantage fund may also have investments in derivative instruments as a risk-hedging mechanism.

Reasons to choose Balanced Advantage Funds

1. Possibility of stable returns

A balanced advantage fund invests in debt and equity dynamically. Thus, investors get a debt cushion to battle the volatilities of equity markets. Consequently, the returns generated by balanced advantage funds may be more stable than those generated by equity funds.

2.Relatively Lower risk

Along with equity funds, balanced advantage funds also invest in debt securities depending on the market conditions, which may help to lower the overall portfolio risk. As the fund portfolio has lesser exposure to the vagaries of equity markets, the risk of capital erosion is relatively lower, thereby making balanced advantage mutual funds a good bet if your risk tolerance is moderate. But, at the same time, the equity exposure in the fund portfolio may help you in wealth creation too.

3.Dynamic asset allocation strategy

Fund managers of balanced advantage funds follow the dynamic asset allocation strategy. When markets are bullish during economic growth phases, the fund manager may transfer some investments from debt to equity instruments. Conversely, during economic downturns, the fund manager may transfer some investments from equity to debt instruments. Thus, balanced advantage mutual funds help to minimise the risk & aim for better returns.

4. Requires less monitoring

You can hold a diversified investment portfolio by investing in a good mix of stocks, bonds, and other instruments. But monitoring and tracking the performance of different types of securities can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. A balanced advantage fund is a one-stop solution for diversifying your portfolio across different types of equity securities and bonds. Instead of, say, monitoring 10 different investments, you need to monitor only one mutual fund investment so long as it is in line with your investment objective and risk appetite.

5. Tax benefits

Balanced Advantage Funds are generally classified as equity oriented funds for the purposes of taxation and thereby, capital gains are taxed at 10% (without indexation) if investments are held for more than 12 months & are taxed at 15% if investments are held for up to 12 months.

Final Words

Balanced advantage mutual funds may help investors achieve their financial goals at a relatively lower risk than equity funds. They can also be called an all-season fund because of the dynamic allocation strategies followed by the fund managers.

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